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Frequently Asked Questions

Making a Hotel Booking

How do I reserve my hotel room?
The reservation process we have established is very simple. After you have selected the destination, dates you would like to stay and number of guests in room(s), you will need to click the "Search" button in order to see which hotels are available on your dates and their rates. You click the "Select" button to view the hotel details and booking terms. After selecting your desired hotel you will be taken to a "Secure Reservation Form". There you will need to review the "Reservation Information" and fill in the form with your traveler information. This is all you have to do to complete your reservation request and we will take care of the rest.

How do I make a reservation for someone else?
To complete a reservation for someone else, simply type in his or her name instead of yours for guest name. Use the billing address for the credit card you are using as the address.

Can I make a reservation in any other way besides than the online booking form ?
Yes, you can contact us from Contact Form section with details of your reservation period and also provide hotel name.

What is the latest time to make my booking ?
We can confirm bookings at least 2 working days (excluding holidays and weekends) before the check-in date. For bookings with that period, you can still contact us from Contact Form section.

Are any meals included in my hotel reservations ?
We display the rooms' board types in our search results. Room Only / Bed Only (means no breakfast), Bed and Breakfast, Half-Board, Full-Board, All Inclusive, Ultra All Inclusive, and etc.

Can I specify my room preferences (room floor, view, non-smoking room, and etc.) ?
We have a section in our booking form for your preferences. We pass this information to the hotel and although we/they can not guarantee, they try to accommodate these requests depending on the availability.

What are the meanings of "Request Pending, Request Processing, Payment Outstanding, Payment Processing, Alternative Advised, Finalized, Cancelled" ?
These are the status messages for your reservations. When you are checking your reservation status from My Booking section these messages will appear indicating the progress of your request. Here are what they mean:
  • Request Pending: When a reservation request is sent, it is Request Pending before being handled by our staff.
  • Request Processing: Request is being handled by our reservation staff.
  • Payment Outstanding: You must either provide/update your payment information (credit card, and etc.) in order to proceed with your request.
  • Payment Processing: Your payment is being handled by our staff before finalizing your request.
  • Alternative Advised: You have been offered an alternative hotel.
  • Finalized: Your booking request is finalized and you can print your accommodation voucher which you present to the hotel during check-in.
  • Cancelled: Your request has been cancelled. The cancellation may have been initialized from your cancellation request or from automated cancellation due to non-payment.
  • Credit Card Failed: The credit card you provided can not be charged either because the card information is not correct or your card has insufficient funds.

Confirmation of Booking

How do I know my reservation is confirmed ?
We will send you a confirmation email after you complete your reservation. This email will include your reservation details and your Hotel Voucher. The time it takes for the confirmation is different for Instant Confirmation and On Request reservations.
For Instant Confirmation hotels, your hotel room is instantly reserved and your booking will be finalized after we make an additional check for your room on the hotel side. This process usually takes less than 12 hours.
For On Request hotels, we need to manually check availability from the hotel. We inform you regarding the availability within 24-72 hours (excluding holidays and weekends).
You can always check your reservation status online from My Booking section.

I phoned the hotel and they can not find my booking on their side, what should I do ?
According to our contracts with the hotels, we buy allotments from them. When you make a booking, we use this allotment for confirming your rooms instantly. The hotel is informed about your reservation and guest names only 3-7 days before your check-in date. However, we can inform the hotel before that time upon your request. You can ask for an early hotel notice from Contact Form section.

Amendment and Cancellation

How can I change my booking ?
You can change the dates, room types and guest names of your booking any time before your check-in date. Changes in your booking will incur a 20EUR or 35USD amendment fee. Please note that, amendment within cancellation period (7 days or 21 days for peak seasons) are not guaranteed as there may not be availability and may require additional charges.

How can I cancel my booking ?
You can cancel your booking 7(seven) business days prior your check-in to the hotel. All you need to do is visit "My Booking" section and request a cancellation. Cancellation requests received after the Hotel Voucher has been issued will incur a minimum charge of 20EUR or 35USD plus 2.5% bank charges. Please note that you may face partial or full penalties plus 2.5% bank charges if you would like to cancel your booking within the last 7 days. Bookings within the area of special events, fairs, peak seasons should be cancelled before 21 days of check-in date in order to avoid No Show penalities (up to 100% of payment). There will be no refunds for late check-in or early check-out.

Rates and Payment

Is the rate on the website per person or per room ?
The rate is always per room and per night. The rate will reflect the number of persons you have entered on the Search Form. Room rates are arranged according to the number of guests in the room, please make sure that you enter the exact number of guests (adults and children with ages).

Do you charge fee for hotel reservations ?
We do not charge any additional fee other than the rate you see on the room selection page and booking form. This is the final price you will pay including tax. This means we will be charging you in our specially negotiated rates and pass it to the hotel on behalf of you.

What about special discounts ?
We negotiate contracts with thousands of individual hotels in advance for volume purchases. As a result, we are able to get great rates and we can offer great prices to customers. We always show our best possible prices for our guests.

Which methods of payments do you support ?
You can pay with your credit card (Visa, MasterCard) or use your PayPal account.

Information Security and Privacy

How do you handle my personal information (credit card, email, and etc.) ?
We always use the industry standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol, for transmitting your personal information on our web site. Your credit card will only be used during the reservation charging process and then scrambled for preventing unauthorized access. We never share your email and other personal information with third parties or use it for sending unsoliticed email messages. Please refer to our Privacy Policy section for your peace of mind.

At the Hotel

What do I need to provide when I go to check into the hotel ?
After your payment is processed, you will be issued with your Hotel Voucher via email, which you will need to print out, sign and present along with your passport upon checking in to the hotel.

The hotel can not find my booking during check-in, what should I do ?
On rare occasions, the hotel check-in desk staff may not be able to identify your booking. You should contact us from our emergency phone numbers written on your Hotel Voucher. We will quickly solve the problem and contact the hotel. It is very important for you to contact us during check-in and not accept the hotel's offer for a room with payment.

For any questions, please contact our customer service staff by using the contact form at Contact Form section. In the message, be sure to include your full name, dates of travel, a daytime phone number, and your reservation number, if available.
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